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Our Vision

The vision of the promoters is to be a “Leader in providing total solutions from products to services, while maintaining highest standards of Quality”.

Our Solutions

Sumadhura Technologies Ltd offers turnkey solutions, services ranging from prospecting, drilling, construction of piped water systems and products from drill rigs to drill tools.

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  It is after the amalgamation of Naimisha Drillers and Manisha Drillers, At the end of the millennium a new organization was born in the name of Sumadhura Technologies Ltd to offer services in the field of Hydro geological survey, Ground water Drilling, piped water supply including installation of pumps, generators,civil engineering projects like building schools and health centers and Geomatics Services in the sub Saharan Africa.

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We have super quality equipment like the trucks, drillers... to mention...

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DRILLING: SUMADHURA offers a full range of consultancy and services, In drilling, construction of piped water systems, pump testing, installation of hand pumps, submersible pumps, Generators, Maintenance, procurement of drilling equipment, water pumps and execution of Urban, Rural Water supply programmes.


What We Are

SUMADHURA has state of art mobile quality analysis kits manufactured by HAIG of USA for on Site assessment of chemical parameters conforming to USEPA Standards. In Uganda all the water samples have to be sent to Govt owned laboratories for the quality analysis.

Commercial Water

We have extensive experience of working with public water supply companies, bottled water producers, farmers, and companies requiring a private supply for their own production processes or for irrigation. Boreholes are capable of generating a very rapid payback: frequently cutting costs by up to 80%. High volume users such as Brewers,Dairy farms,Food processors,Hospitals, Laundries, Soft drinks,Arable farms, Golf courses and sports grounds benefit from major savings.

Environmental Water

We have worked on Environment Agency projects since 1985. Our resources and working practices are constantly upgraded to enable us to operate with minimal environmental impact in sensitive locations. Activity includes creating boreholes to facilitate; Groundwater and aquifer resource surveys, Investigation and remediation of polluted groundwater, Long-term pumping tests to observe the effects on SSSls and other sensitive areas, Observation boreholes to monitor changes in level and/or water quality ...

Domestic Water

Whether you are miles from the mains, have an unreliable or contaminated shallow well, or are worried about hosepipe bans, the answer is your own borehole. We provide a complete one-stop solution including pump, controls, and UV filtration if needed-with the connections to your piped supply. Slash water costs by 80%-with no meter; all you pay for is the cost of electricity to your pump -further still, no licence is needed for private users abstracting under 20 cubic metres a day-that’s 20 tonnes of water!!!!